Looking for a camera solution for client, pictures should be low in file size as they will be uploaded to a website

A client of ours repairs structures around the city and they would like a camera to take pictures of the structures (signs, poles, fences, etc.) and upload them to a website to do "before" and "after" shots and will have a laptop readily available with them when they're taking the pictures.

I was ready to just order them a digital camera but we're trying to make the solution as "idiot-proof" as possible, so I can just imagine them popping the SD card out and losing it, leaving it in the laptop and then not being able to take more than 20 pictures, etc., etc.  I would have them connect a USB cable to the camera before I had them even touch the SD card...

So, if anyone knows of any digital camera, portable device, etc. that is very user-friendly then any links/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you thought about doing this with a camera phone?

Otherwise, you might look at something like the Nikon Coolpix S610C Wi-Fi Digital Camera (http://www.adorama.com/INKCPS610CBK.html), which will allow the user to wirelessly connect to the laptop and transfer the images. Another option is the Sony DSC-G3 (http://www.adorama.com/ISODSCG3.html), which can FTP the images directly to a website if it is within range of a wireless hotspot.

jgrimes2Author Commented:
Thank you "lherrou" for your suggestions, but after further review of our client's request we have decided to just go with a standard digital camera and transfer the pictures via USB cable.

The Coolpix S610C Wi-Fi camera would work, but they would be on the road constantly and wouldn't have a wireless acess point near them to connect to to transfer the pictures, they would need to transfer them to the laptop on-the-run.  Even if we could find a "bluetooth camera" (not sure if they even exist) or similar, I can just forsee the user calling us every 5 minutes because it can't connect, etc. so a simple USB cable is probably our best bet.

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Yeah, you don't want to create more work for yourselves than you have to. I still think a cameraphone approach might be the most elegant solution. Many people already have the phone, and they could email the photos to a designated email address. Depending on their website setup, you could even write a script that pulled the emails and placed them in a webpage, so all they'd have to do is send them.
Take a look at Cellblock: http://www.cellblock.com/

You can email photos from a phone to a specific address in cellblock, then have them show up in the cellblock viewer - which you can embed in your client's website, etc.
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