When creating an InDesign file, certain type face disappears.

When creating an InDesign file, certain type faces disappear.
We have a document that uses the font Gill Sans, and 4 of the Gill Sans faces (Regular, Book, Italic, Bold Italic). When view font is used, it will only display 3 faces (Book, Italic, Bold Italic). Gill Sans seems to be the only font that does this. All of the other t1 fonts that have a regular face show all of the faces in Find Font.
This happens on several machines, using ID CS3 5.0.2, also happens on 5.0.4.
Mac OS X 10.4.9 and 10.4.11
The specific font is Gillsans.t1.
My question is& is the font really disappearing? If it is not, why does the regular not show up in Find Font?
Steps to re-create the issue are:
Create a new InDesign file.
Create two new text fields with text in them.
Use the font Gill Sans, using the regular type face, and the book type face.
Now click on the Type tab, and select Find Font. Notice that only Gill Sans Book appears. What happened to Regular?

Please let me know if more information is needed.
Thank you for your help!

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Britt ThompsonConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Ok...this is most likely a corrupt font or what Suitcase thinks is a duplicate. I would find all instances of any kind of Gill Sans regular and turn it off on the machine you're working with...making sure the plugin for InDesign is not going to auto activate the font when the file is launched by removing the Suitcase plugin from the InDesign folder. Verify Gill Sans regular does not show up in the list > Quit InDesign > copy the font locally to the ~/Library/Fonts folder > launch InDesign and see if you get the same problem. This is actually better resolved when Suitcase is completely removed from the machine to be positive but if you don't have a clean install with InDesign and no Suitcase installed this is a good starting point.

All of the info provided points to a duplicate or corrupt font. Also, you'll want to make sure the machine doesn't have a locally activated Gill Sans of any kind.
Britt ThompsonSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
You may need to make sure you do not have that font duplicated anywhere on the machine. If there are 2 of the same font installed and active on the machine at the same time it will cause issues like that.
jmg-thpAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention, fonts are managed with Suitcase X1.
Checked for dup's none are showing up.
Thank you for the suggestion :)
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Britt ThompsonSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
This sounds like it's happening on multiple machines, is that the case here? If so, are you using Suitcase Server with a shared font library?
jmg-thpAuthor Commented:
Yes, this is happening on all the Mac's I have tested (6+ all are PPC), and yes we are using a Suitcase Server with shared font library.
jmg-thpAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
Sorry for the delay in response, been a week of firefighting...
We have replaced the font with an OTF version, which we should have done in the first place.
Thanks again :)
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