Blob Data from Sybase


I have a sybase database need to extract the saved word documents in Sybase as blob data. I need to extract all those documents into a folder.

Please provide method how can I do that using Delphi or Visual Studio 2005

Your help is much appreciated.

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Sybase is not a database; it is a company that makes at least 4 database products.  Please post the product and version you are using.

Visual Studio 2005 is not a language, it is an IDE that supports a bunch of different languages.  Which one are you thinking of using?

Finally, it is usually easier to avoid the low-level database interface code (e.g. ctLib) and use something at a higher level like ODBC.  The ODBC drivers already know how to handle the protocol for getting blobs into and out of the database so you avoid that little slice of hell.

I would use ODBC with whatever language supports ODBC and has a native BLOB datatype.  Then you simply have to write a query and, for each result row, pull out the blob and (hopefully) a file name and then write the file to the target folder.

Don't expect this to be lightning fast either.

ktuserAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot Bill for your response.

The database is Sybase ASE 12.5 and I am planing to use VB.NET.

Appreciate you help now I got an idea how I can proceed with the project.

VB.NET should do the trick nicely.

Remember your BLOBs are BINARY data, not strings, and you should be fine.


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