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Is there an option that i can use on ISA server 2006 that monitors website traffic? I have to monitor some users activity on the net and I cannot find that option. Are there any better third party tools for that?
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Here's a link to some third-party add-ons for ISA.

Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server: Partners

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Open the ISA gui - select monitoring - logging - click start query for the realtime monitor of all traffic. You can also run reports off through configuration - reports.

If you want to view just a user (if you have ISA connected as a domain member or by IP address if you don't) then instead of clicking start query, click edit query - change the query to include the source IP address, apply it then click start query. remember to change the query back again once done.

Your an ISA MVP?, I thought your name seemed familiar.
I was for a few years. When I was brought into the program I was one of only 8 worldwide.  I think the only ones in the USA at the time were me, Tom Shinder and another guy from Kentucky (or Tennessee?). My last year in the program (2007) the MVPs had increased to around 20.  If you look in Tom Shinder's ISA2004 book you will see me and most other ISA MVPs at the time listed there.  It is in one of the "author" sections in the front.
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Yes, initial MVP was for networking for a number of years and then onto ISA Server for the last couple.

I Moderate (and contribute to) all of the MS Technet Forefront: Edge forums and am the networking zone advisor on this site. Actually, as i recall, Tom moderates one as well on Technet.

I don't subscribe to Tom's books as I use the MS Press equivalents but it is nice to find someone who knows their stuff on ISA/TMG. I know that Tom's publications are well received and have very good reviews so your knowledge must be impressive. I should have realised that as there are not 'that' many who can give me a run for my money. Was it Jim Harrison you were thinking of as another MVP?

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
lol - that sounded REALLY conceited. I am sure there are lots of people who can give me a run for my money... :)
( you'r fine  :-)  )
You're right, though, that there are not that many people fluent in ISA.  I've been working with it since MS Proxy2 and I am still almost useless when it comes to the Enterprise Editon and using NLB Arrays.
No, Jim is an MS employee, I can't remember that MVP's name at the moment.  Jim is pretty high up in the food chain with the ISA TMG Team.  He does deal with some of the support cases,..but only when it gets elevated to him when the normal support people can't figure it out.  Last I knew he was the Product Manager or something like that,...but I think he has worn (or is wearing) several hats.  
The dev team was moved to Israel but Jim is in Redmond (last I've known).  I think I annoyed some Israeli girl from the team while debating her over over some of the Forefront Naming Conventions the last time I was in Redmond. That was when I found out they moved it to Israel.
We were around him quite a bit during the Summits of course, so he'd know me if you mentioned my name. Just don't tell me what he says if it is bad  :-)
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