TCP/IP what is it?

hi can anyone give me a brief explaination of what TCP/IP is please? I would rather not have links to documents, a brief explaination will be fine.

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peter41Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"Transmit Control Protocol"/"Internet Protocol"
Protocol is set of rules for network communication. First computer with some address sends packet which contains both: source and destination address. Packets can go through several other computers (hosts) and destination computer which owns destination address accepts packet.
Name: "Internet Protocol" means, that this protocol uses internet addresses (IP addresses) and it is able to communicate on internet. (Some protocols exists for communication only on local network).
IP does not provide "safe" transferring of data. If packet is losed, destination does not know about it.
TCP provides "safe" transport of data. There exist acknowledge mechanism and if some packet(-s) is losed, source computer retransmits it (them).
TCP is built on IP protocol.

Most of data on the internet is transferred with TCP. Internet browsers, emails operates on TCP protocol.
For example this post was received by your computer  also through TCP protocol :-)

Hope this helps !
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
thats helps very much, i like the example at the end!!
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
thanks again
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