Close personal folders in outlook 2003

hi there, i have a user who has a strange problem with outlook 2003. she has to archive mails from previous years so we stored them in different .pst files. the problem now is that the files that were opened can't be closed, because when when i select a folder to close i get an error saying that an abject cannot be found. is there a work around to remove these pst files.
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The_MaverickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It will probably depend on where the profile is currently stored, but I've only ever worked with local ones (so they're on the PC).

What I would do is ...

 - Log on to the PC using another account, but one that has admin rights

 - Copy the contents of the "Document & Settings\DAMAGED_USERS_PROFILE" folder to somewhere safe so that you have a copy of their desktop contents, favourites etc.

 - Right-click on "My Computer", Choose Properties, Advanced, User Profiles - select the Damaged one, and then delete it,

 - Delete the contents of the "Document & Settings\DAMAGED_USERS_PROFILE" folder (although you could try skipping this step initially to see if it'll work)

 - Log in again as that person and set things up again, copying back things like desktop contents, favourites etc.

Does that make sense?

Basically there's something not quite right in that users registry entries and so by deleting their profile it deletes those entries - and then the person is essentially setup from scratch again.

Just be aware though that is WILL delete all of their individual personalisations - it essentially thinks they're logging in to that machine for the first time.
I faced exactly the same issue once. I had some success with some registry edits, but I think that the easiest way is to simply re-create the users profile.

Does this help?
makrumAuthor Commented:
just to be clear. do i need to recreate the proflie on the pc(local) or on the domain
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