Swapping SBS 2k3 to Windows 2k3 std

I have a SBS 2k3 server that needs to be replaced w/ an existing 2k3 standard server on a our network. The SBS server is dying (hardware). The 2k3 std server is acting as our file and ftp server.

What I want to do.

Pull the SBS server out and replace it w/ the 2k3 server w/ little to no interruption. The sbs server is handling AD, DNS and DHCP (email wont be an issue).

Can some one either give me CLEAR instructions on how to do this or point me to CLEAR instructions on how this is done. I've never replaced a live server in a network that handles AD and DNS (except for file server).

Thx in advance
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flyingskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can follow most of the steps, except you cannot transfer FSMO role from SBS to 2k3 std. You will need to take the SBS offline (after AD replicated), the seize the FSMO roles. here's how
Promote you 2k3 std server to a domain controller of the SBS domain, also install DNS server. After all AD replication, you can shut down (bring it offline) SBS, then seize FSMO role using the 2k3 server. After succeed, configure DHCP.
peschelnetAuthor Commented:
Can I follow these instructions for replacing the sbs server but, apply them to the 2k3 std server?


peschelnetAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I will give it a try tonight and hopefully all goes well.
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