How can I scan personal computer with firewall up that is on my network?

Someone has attached a personal computer to the network in a remote office and I would like to find out more about the PC. All I can see is the machine name and IP address in DHCP manager on Windows 2003 Server.

If I ping the computer nothing comes back and if I try to open the c$ share the network path is not found. If I try to manage it through Windows XP I get path not found.

Is there anything I can do to access or scan this PC to find out more about it? Like - operating system, user who is logged onto it, manufacturer, or to confirm if the PC is actively connected to the network?

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These utilities might help. However, if the machine your trying to scan it firewalled it may all be in vain.
ob1_Author Commented:
I am pretty sure it is. I guess I could just deny it an IP in DHCP admin and see who calls me to complain. Any other ideas?
You could look up the manufacture via MAC address of the NIC and that will give a clue of what type of system it is. Still it won't give you a lot of info, but if the NIC manufacture info said "Apple" then you would know it's a Mac for example. Also you could do some sort of packet sniffing on that ip to get a clue of the OS. (http headers and such) But that might be considered invasion of privacy, so be careful with that idea. Your the best judge for that.

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ob1_Author Commented:
Really? Interesting. I would think any data on the company network is open for sniffing. You bring up a good point.
I will look up the MAC address good idea.
ob1_Author Commented:
Great trick!
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