How can I remove the previous versions of a file or folder

I need to "destroy" our copy a folder and all it's contents.  It's stored on a Windows 2003 server.  When I delete the folder, I can still restore previous versions.  How can I get rid of all the previous versions so that this folder can never be accessed again?
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
There are some freeware solutions on this page

Some of them are for totally wiping a hard disk and some are for wiping/overwriting sections/folders

You will have to carry out the erasing operation on the server itself (rather than accross the network)
Joseph DalyCommented:
I think if you go to the server itself and right click on the drive where the folder is stored you should be able to turn off volume shadow copy. One word of warning though I believe turning this off will remove all of your previous volume shadow copies not just the one that you are looking for.

Another alternative you could use would be to significatnly lower the limit of space that volume shadow copy can utilize. By default when VSC runs out of usable space it will begin purging older data. Again you may lose some other stuff you probably want to keep.

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kn_sl_180Author Commented:
Was hoping for an answer on how to permanently delete just one folder and it's shawdow copies, not how to turn off the volumn shawdow copy as we need to leave that on.  
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