Best Temperature Inside Server Rack

Our data center follows standard cooling practices.  However, I have noticed some of our racks are very warm in the back with temperatures ranging from 90-98 degrees.  Can anyone point me to documentation recommending what the temperature should be inside a rack?  We use all hp rack mount servers and p and c class blades.
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robocatConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Servers pull the air at the front side and blow it out at the back. So the inlet temperature is important, because this determines how well the servers are cooled.

Outlet temperature is not that important, of course within reasonable limits (<115). Just make sure nothing is restricting airflow.

If you have gaps between servers you can use blanking panels to ensure proper airflow from front to back.

Do you have enough air circulating through the racks? We keep our server room below 70.
roostercogburnAuthor Commented:
should be.  we use high end lieberts and a standard hot/cold isle config.  if 90+degree temps are common in the back of a densely poplutated rack, then no big deal, but if that is too high I will need to look at fans or spreading the servers out over more racks.  
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