Exchange 2003 Queue messages coming back after deletion

I have an exchange server where a user sent hundreds of 1.5M and 3M attachments.
This is slowing the servers internet connection.  

I have deleted the messages only to have them show up again...  I have checked and they are not in the users outbox.  I went as far as disbaling the user account that sent them just incase the accoutn was somehow resending them.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ESM is notorious for not showing the true extent of the queues when a large number of messages have been sent to it. Therefore it is perfectly possible for the messages to reappear.

Create two SMTP connector and put a size restriction on the one with the lowest cost and set it to deliver the messages at a certain time. That will gather the messages in to a single queue where you can easily delete them.

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