Dynamic Group Data Export problem

I have a difficult situation and I'm not even sure it's able to be solved on here but I'll give it a shot.
I have a datawindow that is Dynamically created on each run. It could be grouped by any number of columns and it could contain any number of computation values. The detail band values are hidden and only the Header and Trailer values are displayed when the report is run.  I need to loop through the groups, get the header and trailer values and write each line to an array so I can go through it later to write to Excel Cells.

Right now what I'm having to do is use FindGroupChange() for each group and get the Header Value of the group(for each group), then the trailer values. This is very difficult because everything is dynamic. Although I can get the # of groups and the row of their break. If this is the only way to do it I can provide an example of the datawindow I'm dealing with.

Or is there some way I can export this to Excel and Hide the detail rows and have excel show it the way it's shown when the datawindow is run(i.e just shows header and trailer values but no detail).

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You should check out the DW2XLS product by Desta (http://desta.com.ua/dw2xls/)  
Cheap and you get the source code.  Well worth it.


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What about taking the approach of looping through the control array and as it would have to build that in any case.  You can test each control for a condition which qualifies for what you are looking for then you should have access to the information you are seeking.
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