Can not get emails larger then 10MB

I'm using MS Outlook 2007, we do not have Exchange server, our email provider allows attachments of 35MB. But for some reason I cannot reseive attachments larger then 10MB. I have attached a 15MB file clicked on send and file was sent siccessfully without any errors but it was never delivered. Please help!
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sfarazmandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You stated that you do not have exchange server which means you do not control settings. You also mentioned everyone should have the same size limit. I would contact the ISP or Email provider in this case.
sharkbot221984Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The person you are sending the file to may have a 10MB limit on their end.
Sergey_NesterenkoAuthor Commented:
Every one in the company hase a limit of 35MB
Sergey_NesterenkoAuthor Commented:
Thank you, it was a problem with ISP. They have corrected it and I can receive files larger then 10MB.
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