WDS Image Not Available - Showing as Different HAL Type Possibly

I took a WDS image of a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with a single quad core processor several months ago and now want to revert the server back to that image.  However when I attempt to load the captured image the server does the PXE boot to the server just fine but the image I want is not displayed.  It is displying images with a HAL type of acpiapic_mp however the original image I took that I want to revert to has a HAL type of acpiapic displayed in WDS.  The image is of 2008 server.  So my question is, what can be done to either change the HAL type of the already captured image?  I would like to load that image rather than having to start over.  An suggestions would be great!  Thank you in advance.
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GBTISConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved on my own.  Had to run the following command on the WDS Server so the PC would grab the 64 bit images.

"WDSUTIL /set-server /autodiscovery:yes"
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