Blackberry Professional on SBS 2003 Server

I've recently installed Blackberry Professional on a SBS Server and the install seemed to go well right up until it came time to run the services.  When I log in as the BESADMIN account, I can only seem to start a few of the services and then I get an error whenever I try and start a services.

"error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion"

Now... what weird is that I can start a few services (any three or so) and then start getting the message.  

If I change the logon from BESADMIN to Local System, then the services start.

I'm just not confident that the BES is running the way it was intended with the local system service.

I can connect to the SRP and the command line checks are fine.  

I just can't seem to start ALL the services with the BESADMIN account.

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make sure SQL services are running
Did you follow all the steps for setting the the BESadmin permissions in AD and Exchange? The fact that the services will start as Local System and NOT as the BESadmin would lead me to believe you may have missed some steps.
ctk003Author Commented:
SQL is running, the BESMGMT SQL Express service is started
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First thing to verify is you installed the BES software logged in as the BESadmin account.
ctk003Author Commented:
Yep that is part of what is so frustrating.  I've installed the BES using the guide, to the letter.  With the BESadmin account, created a new instance with SQLExpress before I did the install, everything should work.

But the only way I can start ALL the services is with 5 of them running as "local System" and I don't know that it will work this way (my guess is not since I can't activate a device wirelessly).

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, as a quick overview of the instal;l process did you do the following:

1. Ensure the port 3101 TCP is open on the firewall (Outbound ONLY).

2. Create a new user called BPSadmin and ensure you create a mailbox. Ensure this user is ONLY a member of "Domain users"

3. Make BPSadmin a local Administrator of the server. This is done in AD via the "Built-in" Administrators group

4. Go to Admin Tools on open "Domain Controller Security Policy" and expand the "Local Policies" and "User Right Assignment". You need to add BPSadmin to "Log on Locally" and "log on as Service".

5. Open Exchange System Manager and right mouse click on "DOMIANNAME (Exchange)" and select Delegate Control. Follow the steps and add BPSadmin as an Exchange View Only Administrator.

6. In Exchange manager expand the servers folder and right mouse click on your server and select properties. On the properties windows select BPSadmin and add the permissions "Administer Mailbox Store, Receive As, Send As"

7. Open Active Directory and from the View menu select "Advanced Features". Then go to each user that will be added to the BES and open their properties, go to the security tab and add the user BPSadmin and add the security permission "Send As". (This can be done globally if required)

8. Log on as BPSadmin and install the BlackBerry Professional software. Follow the prompts of the install and the server will be required to restart half way through the install. Restart the server and log back on as BPSadmin and the install will continue. (Make sure the Connect Test works and the SRP ID etc is validated during the install)

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