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Im setting up room owners in exchange 2k7, with outlook 2007 front end.
Here is what I want to happen:
When a room is requested, the room owner is sent an email notifying them of the event. The room owner then looks on the room calendar (which they are owners of) and approves/declines the meeting. (simple enough I thought)
Here is what is actually happening:
The room is requested, the owner is sent an email, and the room request is on both their personal calendar and the room's calendar.
I would like for the room request to show only on the room calendar and not the owners personal calendar.
I have all room requests being forwarded to the room owner
I have also tried setting up transport rules
If I do nothing the owner can still approve the room, but the only way they are notified is if they monitor the room calendar all day (not very realistic)
Any suggestions would be much appreciated
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I googled a little and found this command:

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity "Room Name" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -ResourceDelegates "Delegate Namet" -AllBookInPolicy:$false -AllRequestInPolicy:$true

It looks like this will do what you want.

Here is the citation:

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swfwmd2Author Commented:
I will give it a try
swfwmd2Author Commented:
Question...will this setup auto accepting? This is a feature we do not want.
swfwmd2Author Commented:
The above link is helpful information, but does not answer my main question. What do I have to do so a room owner does not receive a calendar entry on their personal calendar? I would like the room owner to receive an email notifying them of a room reservation, and for the reservation to show as tentative on the room calendar.
swfwmd2Author Commented:
Actually after reading more into the link, I found the command I needed:
Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity "Training Room" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -ResourceDelegates "Isabelle Dupont" -AllBookInPolicy:$false -AllRequestInPolicy:$true
Thanks for the help!
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