Entourage 2008 "send as"

I have a few users in our Windows network that prefer to use Macs. Our email server is Exchange 2003. One of their administrative assistants sends a lot of email on their behalf. I cannot figure out how to get Entourage to drop the "sent on behalf of" in the emails.

I have used the admin assistants credentials in Outlook 2007 and the emails, when sent "from" the Exec's through her profile, do not contain the "sent on behalf of". They look like they are directly from the Exec.

I have been asked to get Entourage 2008 to act this way and I can't figure out how.
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Britt ThompsonSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
You'll need to create an additional Exchange account in Entourage for the other mailbox before the "sent on behalf of" will go away. It has to be directly sent from that user's mailbox..as in select the inbox of the account in question and create the email. If the FROM field is filled out the message will always say "sent on behalf of". This may not be the case in an Outlook to Outlook situation though... you may want to verify this when checking the mail from another client.

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you can solve your problem the way renazonse mentions for sure.

Additionally you could setup a dummy account in Entourage used only for sending mail as the person you need to send as.  You will need you need to know your smtp server's name and know how it is configured to make this work.

Tools -> Accounts ->
Name the account something meaningful
Include the name and e-mail addresses that the outgoing message should appear from.
leave everything else blank (being sure not to include this in the send receive schedule)
SMTP server <put in name of your smtp server>

This will do the job so long as you have permission on the smtp server that you are using.
dm_osbornAuthor Commented:
Thanks renazonse. Though imperfect, the addition of the full account should work. I'll run that by the admin assistant and her bosses. I see two problems: every time the execs change their password, they will have to notify their assistant and the execs will be unable to pick and choose which folders they want shared in their account.

Bourne75: the special purpose account is a good idea, but since these users perform many other functions within their boss's accounts, it would probably be less than ideal in this situation. I'll keep that in mind for something like a distribution group. It would be a nice way of directing replies to specific mailboxes.

Let me see how the full account access solution is received this morning.
dm_osbornAuthor Commented:
The full account instead of delegation was happily accepted by the end users. Thank you!
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