Scale up this image

I need to learn how to take the attached image, and be able to scale it up without losing quality and sharpness of edges.

It's an old logo, so I don't have it broken into layers, but I am reusing it and need to resize it larger.

I've followed a few tutorials, but all provide subpar results.  Blurred look, color loss, edges not sharp, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.  Using Photoshop CS3.

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Since one image is just a copy of the other (with transparency and in another color, rotated) just do a quick pen trace of one image in illustrator. Then you can scale to any size you like, copy the image, and mock-up the duplicate shape, then export to whatever graphic type you need.

You can even try a high quality digital trace in Illustrator CS2 and on? I know CS3 has it for sure.

Unfortunately, you aren't going to be able to increase that much in size without getting jaggies or other artifacts. However, the good news is that it's pretty simple. you should be able to trace it out and reproduce it without much problem.

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Your best bet is to take it into Illustrator, not Photoshop. Illustrator is a vector-based app, and you want to have a vectorized version of any logo you have.
by the way
using the pen tool as custom shape = vector in photoshop
and you can scale it with out loosing your and data
ALaRivaAuthor Commented:
ok, so I used the pen tool, following one of the 'wings' and then used the transform selection increased the size, then when I filled it, it still looks grainy?

Am I missing something?
Maybe I am just not as adept in PS as Madkhali (I'd admit to it), but I always do this in Illustrator as it is more an environment for "drawing" and creating new art than is PS.

Just open the image in Illustrator, then trace over it with the pen, fill it, shade it, however you like, then you can just copy paste it into PS if you still want to process it there.
if you're working with a "Smart Object" in PS, one you've imported from Illustrator, it will looks grainy until you place-confirm it. Then you will see a sharp vector image quality.
ALaRivaAuthor Commented:
I don't have illustrator, I have Photoshop CS3, that's it, which is why Madkhali is offering Photoshop options.

The pen selection creation is working for me, but when I fill it with the color, the edges are still terrible.  Could it be that I'm using the transform selection option to upscale it?

Am I maybe filling it the wrong way?

- Anthony
If it truly is vectored in PS, then transforming should scale it nicely after you confirm the transformation.
Have you tried scaling it way up and looking at it?
want to send the PS file to me/us?

or attach the PS file here
- do not convert your custom shape to selection and fill
- if you zoom in, of course you will get pixelated result
the idea is, when you close the path, photoshop will fill the shape with solid color
with custom shape, scaling effect only the path, and photoshop already fill the entire layer with that layer, so do not worry.

you will get bad result if you marge your custom shape with empty layer to get rid of the path, if you scale it will be pixelated
it works fine for me...
Make sure you are in CYMK or RGB mode... opening the thing and working as a GIF leaves you only in Indexed color.. Then when you fill the shape, you can feather it a bit and antialias if needed.
Yeah I traced your shape from the gif, then transformed (scaled) it larger on a bigger canvas, then I filled. And it looks fine at the larger size.

You should try to get Illustrator in the future, its nice to have at a time like this. Even an older version.
smart object is good in one situation
if you have high res image and drop it in photoshop
convert it to smart object

smart object works to resize the layer but not bigger than original size
but works perfect for imported vector work, ex: AI

when you choos the pen tool
be sure to choose shape layers from the option
Yeah, I always use smart object when dropping content in from AI.
Thanks for the input.
you are welcome :)
Until you can create your file, here are the vector PDFs of your logo. ;) should be able to take it into photoshop, too.

50in x 65in

Scaling paths (which are vector art) in Photoshop:

When you create your path, make sure it's a path and not a shape layer (image 1)
Select your path in the paths pallette then transform it. Notice the transform menu says path instead of image or layer.
Fill your path: create a new layer, then open the shapes pallette and right click the path, select "fill path" (image 3)
Click the trash can on the paths pallette to delete the path. That will get rid of the "jagged" edges. (they aren't really jagged, you're just seeing your path around your rasterized fill, which makes it look jagged)

NOTE: You could also do a shape layer, which will allow you to retain the path along with the fill. The fill is bound to the path allowing you to scale it later. This is *probably* a better method for what you're doing. The part noted above is my *possibly inefficient* workflow. :-)
he does not have to fill or delete the path
if he choose the first option from the option bar
he can choose any color
and scale it any time he needs
Read the NOTE. ;-)
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