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I'm a novice VB.Net developer trying to create a Web site with multiple forms.  They're working but now I need the ability from any of the forms to call on a common procedure to save things to a database.  What's the best way to accomplish this? Essentially each form will have a Save button and all information gathered on all the forms needs to be captured.
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There is quite a couple of ways of doing this but I prefer the following for flexibility:

       Dim SqlConn As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("DB").ToString)
        Dim SqlCmd As New SqlCommand
        SqlCmd.Connection = SqlConn

        SqlCmd.CommandText = "Select ServicesDescription from Services where ServiceID = '" + TextBox.Text + "'"


Hope that makes sense
ejefferson213Author Commented:
Thank you for your response but I obviously wasn't clear.  I went through the exercise of creating Save functions for the database on each of the forms (done in the Button Click event handler).  Realizing that when a user wants something saved, they don't want just that form's data saved but everything on all forms, I now need to find a way of accessing the information that's on all the forms in a common routine.  What should make this easy is that I've saved all the information in Session variables.  However, I'm not literate enough with VB and OO programming to know where this code can go.  I've tried creating a separate class and subroutine but it doesn't understand what Session is.  Perhaps it's as simple as an Inherit instruction or something.  Hope that clarifies it a bit better.
Read all variables from the forms into Session Variables.
Then when user clicks save populate the database form the SessionVars.
With other words in your Insert statement use the SessionVars and not the form fields.
ejefferson213Author Commented:
Here is a more detailed description of my situation.  I have 6 forms used for collecting information, each with a Save button.  Id like to be able to call a SUBroutine from each form to save all the Session variables to database tables when the Save button is clicked. I dont want to place the same code within each forms .vb (button click event) file. Therefore, I tried adding a Class file to the application and creating a SUBroutine (so that I can call it from each Save button click event on each form) only to find out that Session is not understood (seen as an uninitialized, unknown variable: Name Session is not declared), thus I cannot reference my information to save it.  Im guessing this is a simple issue whereby I simply need to include/inherit something.  If I don't place this common code in a class file, where should I place it? (somewhere hopefully where I can reference the Session variables)
ejefferson213Author Commented:
Being notified of an open question.  No further postings therefore, I'll close this out and pursue a solution elsewhere.

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