Import data into Calc using ODBC

I want to import the data from a table through ODBC. I registered my ODBC data source through OO Base. I can see the table and data that I want to import in OO Calc data sources.

I just do not know how to get the data down into the spreadsheet from the preview window on the top. Either it is not intuitive or I am slow today!
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ltlbearand3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, just to make sure I understand the questions.  You have set up your database in OOo Base and clicked to register the database.  You can Press F4 in Calc and you can navigate on the left to see the tables and/or queries you wish to use.

If all this is true, now all you need to do is click and drag.  For instance if you want just the 1st column and 1st row of a table in Cell A1, just click on the piece of data in the Data Source window and drag it to Cell A1.  If you want the whole table, just click on the box in the upper left of the table window and drag it to the spreadsheet.

Also if you want the whole table you can right click on the table in the explorer type window and choose copy.  Then go down to your spreadsheet and paste.

You can also check out this short little how to to see more options -

Let me know if this helps.

cowisAuthor Commented:
That did it--thanks!
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