run dos batch file from cfm page

I have the following that I run from the E drive and I'm doing directly on the server.  I'm logged in as admin too.  It's not working.  It just deletes the file (last line in the batch file).
cfm page:
.bat file:
GPG -r pub --output E:\[path]\filename.gpg --encrypt E:\[path]\[dir]
ren E:\vpTwo\[path]\[file].gpg [filename]1%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%date:~10,0%.gpg
replace E:\[path]\blank\[dir] E:\[path] /s
del E:\[path]\[filename]

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remember that what -you- are logged in as is not relevant, it's the context of the cfservice (localsystem by default)

local system must have permissions for a local operation and if you are using network resources you need to set up cfservice to run as a specific user and assign that "user" permissions


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COwebmasterAuthor Commented:
is that through services?  where would I find cfservice?
yes, services.msc

from my blog

To set up the Coldfusion Server service do the following:

   1. Create a standard user in Active Directory (call it CFService)
   2. Select a very strong password and Set Password To Never Expire
   3. Right Click on the directory you want CF to have access to
   4. Select Properties > Security Tab
   5. Click Add
   6. Enter CFService in the box and click OK
   7. Click CFService in the Group Or User Name Window
   8. Check the appropriate permissions (usually Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read))
   9. Click Apply and OK
  10. Open services.msc as admininstrator (either logged on or use RunAS)
  11. Right Click Coldfusion 8 ApplicationServer > Properties  and select LogOn Tab
  12. Check This Account and enter the user name as yourDomain\CFService
  13. Enter CFService password twice
  14. Click OK
  15. Restart Coldfusion 8 Application Server service
COwebmasterAuthor Commented:
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