windows 7 aero peak not working with third party applications

I have been using Windows 7 RC1 and i have been having problems with the aero peak function. Sometimes when i hover over the task bar icon it wont switch to that window when i click it. The preview works, but as soon as i click on it, instead of swiching to the previewed window, it switches back to the previous one. I have noticed that it happens especially with some non-windows apps (ie: quicktime) but it always works with IE8 or windows explorer open.

Do you think this is a problem with the manufacturers of these applications not updating their programs or what?
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I downloaded Quicktime as well and saw that it doesn't behave properly with the areo peak.

I think it's an issue with Quicktime, or the other software vendors.  They must have their software windows setup in a manner that areo peack can't take advantage of.  For example the Quicktime window has strange behaviors where it's not a set size, it seems almost dynamic.  This may make it hard for areo peak to create the necessary image.

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Well, if I would expect any program not to work properly with Windows 7, I would expect one from Apple.  I quite using Quicktime a long time ago when I was still using Windows 98.

By the way, it's Aero PEEK, not Aero Peak...
Quicktime apparently has issues with windows seven, for me the play bar inside the web browser is all black so its like walking in the dark lol....  

best thing to do is just wait until they come out with a "compatable" version but quicktime fails :(
lol, thanks for pointing that out.  iTunes doesn't work either, however Safari does work properly.
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