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I am looking to move from my own exchange 2007 server to a hosted exchange company.  I have 3 mailboxes, so small demands.

I have my eye on and

I am having problems however finding reliable reviews about these and other hosted exchange providers.

I am on a tight budget, so cost is definetly a factor.


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grandebobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah, gotcha. Google apps does support cal and contact syncing via active sync, but no mail support yet.

Check for up time guarantees, and SLA's. I would also make sure they use reputable AV/AS software. Good luck.
For a small shop like yours, you might want to consider google apps. It's free for basic use. Paying $50 a year per mailbox gets you an obscene amount of storage.

I'm a die hard exchange admin, but I run my personal domains off of google apps because the price is right, and I don't have to keep a server running in my basement.
build18erAuthor Commented:
i understand, but we use the other exchange features such as active sync and the synced calendars, tasks ect (we all have windows mobile phones)
GoDaddy now offers hosted Exchange at a very reasonable cost.

I would also recommend you check out and
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