Internet Explorer 7.0 weblinks problem

Hello Experts!

There's something very odd happening in the Internet Explorer of one of the computers in my office's network:

When the user try to click on a weblink, the weblink seems to be a simple HTML text, i mean the weblink is "unclickable" in some websites.

The computer's OS is a Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7.

The user did install the Internet Explorer 8 and then did unistall it, recovering the IE 7

Do you have an idea about what is happening and how to help me with this strange problem?

Thank you.
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orangutangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you send a screenshot? Also, maybe try:
crisoliv--Right click on one of those links|Copy Shortcut|Paste into Wordpad or Notepad.  Does what you see look like a web address?  If so, paste into the browser Address line and click OK.  Do you go to a web site?
If you are not offered "Copy Shortcut" those are not weblinks.
Any error messages?
crisolivAuthor Commented:
Hi jc! They are weblinks because i tested them in other computers and the weblinks are working properly.

Thank you.
crisoliv--I do not dispute that they are correct weblinks in other browsers.  But are they ACTIVE weblinks in the browser where they do not work?  "unclickable" does not sound ACTIVE.
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