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In your experience, what are the best practices to replace Proliant (or equivalent) servers in a small business?

I mean organizations wih 5-10 servers, using mainly Proliant ML and DL servers as DCs, database and application servers.

I've read that 3-5 years is a good age to start to evaluate a replacement. What do you think?

Thanks in advance.
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KavostylinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi There,

I do not think there is a real life cycle. I definately think you should not add time to a Lab's lifecycle.

These are the things you need to answer which will give you your answer.

1. Is my current server configuration meeting my business requirements
2. What is the current load on all the servers.
3. Would replacing my server's with less but higher end servers and utilising Virtualisation give me added cost effectiveness and allow me to use more of my equipment with little overhead.

There are several tools/plug in's for Visio that will assist you in doing all the calculations i.e power usage, Heat, Overheads etc etc. I suggest doing an analysis of your current equipment working out how much you are spending on Power including cost of cooling etc and then weighing up the option of replacing 10 Physical Servers with 3 Higher end server's which are optimised for Virtualisation.

If you want to read some information about it and how different companies have in 6 months surpassed their ROI i have added a link below.


Randy_BojanglesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One thing to consider in lifecycle (whether you virtualise or not but I'd certaibnly be looking at VM now) is how much older kit starts costing you:

Older kit is less green, it uses more power, needs more cooling etc etc

Older kit also tends to be proportianetly more expensive to maintain (you have to buy a Care Pack after 3 years but you COULD choose to rely on standard warranty for first 3 years) etc etc
oswaldofarithAuthor Commented:
KAVO, can you reference me some of those plugins for Visio?

To all experts, what do you think about the risk of having a critic Domain Controller in a 4-5 years old server?
Randy_BojanglesCommented: has all kinds of stuff
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