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I have an HP Compaq Proliant ML350 server with Server 2003 SE. Have always used the HP Array Configuration Utility to do daily verification of the health of my RAID array disks. Now I have installed IE 8 and the utility no longer functions correctly. Here is what happens:
1) I open IE 8 and go to the URL for the RAID array utility (which is The URL is hpapp://ACU-XE/ACU.htm
See attached - config1

2) Before I would right click on logical drive1 and select more information. Then a second smaller window would pop up and display different information. I would mainly focus on a thing that showed "failed physical drives" normally it would show none and I would happily depart.
See attached - more info

3) Now when I click - more information - I get an error message and the second window will not open. see attached - noopen

Am guessing I am SOL on this. Probably my only hope is to uninstall IE 8. Any other ideas?
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Unless HP has some update for ACU, I'm guessing you're right... but does IE 8 really buy you anything?  We're just now moving to IE 7.  Many of our apps weren't compatible with it until just recently.
Did find this link that confirms that it doesn't work with IE 8, but does offer hope by running in compatibility mode.

RazorkingAuthor Commented:

Well to respond to both of your posts:
I can roll back the IE version to 7, and may have to do that. I just try whenever possible to keep current on software and patches. It has been my experience that you can get burned either way, not being up to date or updating to soon to a buggy piece of software. I have determined that from my point of view the risk is greater in not updating software and/or patches in a timely manner. Also, this particular server is a Terminal Server and I do have users working on it. And they do have to browse the Internet. So, my hope was to gain some enhanced security benefits. Unfortunately Microsoft has apparently decided that the way to achieve security is just to make something not work. If I could entirely uninstall IE and just use Firefox I would. Of course Firefox does not seem to know how to open the weird hpapp URL (by the way, wht the hell is hpapp and wonder if there is a way to make Firefox recognize it??)

Part 2: I already had stumbled across the HP forum thing were they talk about the possible compatibility mode solution. I tried it but it did not work. so, thought I would try here and see what happened.
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Although I tend to agree with you when it comes to security patches, I would depart from your process when it comes to apps like IE.  MS continues to take a weird approach to security in IE which, as you pointed out, tends to break things that are working.  As I said we're just now moving to IE 7 since many of our standard programs that we depend on wouldn't work with it. My IEAK distributions didn't load and since we don't run Vista (don't get me started) I didn't have a machine to load IE 7 on that I could run the IEAK wizard against. The apps we were using were finally fixed for IE 7, although we are now getting warnings about running them with IE 8.. go figure... and I did a VM for Vista so I have a machine I can configure IEAK against for IE 7.

I'm sorry that I don't have another solution for you other than what I have offered above.

RazorkingAuthor Commented:
I am going to close this question. I just rolled back the IE to 7 - problem solved. I cannot realy award the point because the answers did not really give the solution I hoped for. Nevertheless, do appreciate the responses.

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Document ID: c01763057

Version: 1

Advisory: ProLiant Servers: Smart Array Controllers - HP ProLiant Array Configuration Utility for Windows Version 8.25 (or Earlier) May Not Function Under Internet Explorer 8

RazorkingAuthor Commented:
That looks very promising
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