pda's are only syncing one way to exchange server

We have a MS small business server running exchange and our pda's are only able to send calendar info to exchange, not recieve it. We are current in our service packs and antivirus software. I need help, I am a network guy, not an exchange expert. we have a mix of smartphones. iphone, treo, blackberry, and motorola.
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pbratlndConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It turns out that the virtual directory need to be recreated.

This is how we were able to resolve this issue.

I have never experienced this problem.  I checked with others on my team and they have seen this problem with DST on some phones.  I am sure your server and phones are patched for DST, but it is worth check out.  I also found an article similar to your problem that ended up being a problem with IIS.   I hope it helps&&.  
You may try to remove and re-add the service books on the handheld.
pbratlndAuthor Commented:
Service books, what are service books?
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pbratlndAuthor Commented:
The EAS works both ways for contacts, and emails, but only from PDA to exchange for calendar
A service book is a piece of software code that gets placed on your BlackBerry device to enable certain features, or provide certain functionality.

For example, an MMS service book would be put on your device to allow your device to send/receive MMS message. There's service books for numerous things... such as email, calendar, browser, IM, etc..

To remove and re-add service books while your BlackBerry device is connected to your personal computer, complete the following steps:

   1. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, open Backup and Restore and click Advanced.
   2. From the Device Databases list, select Service Book and click Clear.
   3. When the warning appears, click OK and close the Backup and Restore window.
   4. Disconnect your BlackBerry device and perform a hard reset. If you don't know the hard reset keys, remove battery and then re-insert.
   5. When your BlackBerry device has been reset, reconnect your BlackBerry device to your personal computer.
   6. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, open Redirector Settings and click the Security tab.
   7. Select the Generate keys manually check box and move your mouse randomly to generate a new encryption key.The service books are pushed to your BlackBerry device.
   8. When this is complete, click Apply on the Redirector Settings window.
   9. When the Status field shows Up to date, generate two more keys manually. Make sure to click Apply after you generate each key.When the warning appears stating that a key has been created in the last 24 hours, click YES.
  10. When this is complete, select the Generate keys automatically check box and click OK.
  11. Disconnect your BlackBerry device and send a test message to yourself from your BlackBerry Device.
pbratlndAuthor Commented:
I am not sure that will have the desired effect because I also have iphones, and Palm treos acting the same way. But I will give it a try on the single blackberry I have.
@pbratInd : Sorry, I tought it was only a specific blackberry issue :-s
pbratlndAuthor Commented:
Thanks for trying to help.
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