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Item Count keeps decreasing while 'Populating Catalog'


I'm in a weird prediciment. I have a full-text index that's running and a weird thing starts happening. The Item Count starts going down!

At 6:22PM, the Item Count stood at 1,937,653 and at 8:29PM -- after 2 hours -- the Item Count stands at 1,907,588

What do you think is going on? The "Population Status" still says 'Populating catalog'?

OS: Win Server 2003 SP2 x64
DB: Win SQL 2005 Enterprise x64
Any help will greatly be appreciated.
1 Solution
Table Full-Text Item Count
Indicates the number of rows that were full-text indexed successfully.

This property corresponds to the TableFulltextItemCount property returned by the OBJECTPROPERTYEX Transact-SQL function.


Full-Text Index Properties (General Page)

So if you have a table with 100 rows and you populate your full text index you might get all 100 rows successfully indexed and have an item count of 100, but if you changed your data and then repopulated the full text index some of the updated rows might not index successfully and the item count would then drop because some rows were not indexed. i.e. you might have deleted all the text from a varchar field in a row and therefore there would be nothing to index for that row, and the item count would go down.
janhoyeAuthor Commented:
It turns out the problem was with my Adobe iFilter. When the re-index started, it appears the iFilter has failed.
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