Best way to turn RAID 0 into a RAID 1

We have a client who purchased a server from another provider and they set up a raid 0 array and a raid 5 array, installed the OS on the raid 0 array, there are no more availiable drive bays and we want to move the OS onto a raid 1 array to offer some redundancy, there is no performance need for the raid 0.

We were thinking of shrinking the partition using partition magic or similar then imaging the partition, wiping the raid 0 array turning it into a raid 1 array and putting our image on to the new raid 1 partition.

Any easier? Safer way to do this?
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Randy_BojanglesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any way you do it you will need to have a full backup as there is no RAID migration from 0 to 1 unfortunately

If it's only a small system then a full reinstall of the O/S etc may be a good housekeeping exercise anyway?
1) You can take full system backup including system state. Reconfig the raid 1 and reinstall OS do complete restoration of backup
2) Use ghost utility and take a complete image of OS disk and restore it after raid 1 configuration.
Member_2_4708244Author Commented:
Its not a small system, and is a fresh domain only around a year old.

The only other option I was thinking was creating a partition on the raid 5 array somehow (it has plenty of space), moving the OS partition on to that then moving it back.
If it is domain then by your method you will have risk in doing inter partition movement and is not recommedned also. Best option is backup or ghost image.
Coreyg13Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with vikasjus.
best option is to ghost it, blow away raid 0 and form the new raid 1 and put the image back onto the raid 1. there is no need to resize the partition for ghosting, it will go onto the new partition no matter the size as long as it is large enough.
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