Cannot delete messages in Outlook Express

I have a new PC with Windows XP and Outlook Express with all MS updates completed. I was sending large emails containing pictures to test what the limit my ISP puts on my email sizes. (It seems pretty huge, beyond 30MB even...) Anyway, when I went to try delete the Sent messages (because they are wasting space), my PC does nothing (no error, no popup warning, nothing) and the messages are still there. I CAN delete older messages that are small in size, but none of the newer messages. Just weird. Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion what to try? I can send and receive email just fine, but cannot delete email from any of the 30 or so folders I have.
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It might be a corrupted sent box. Click start, search. In the search box type:  sent.dbx
In advanced options check 'search in hidden folders' 'search in system folders' subfolders
(do this search with outlook closed)

Once you find it rename it into oldsent.dbx
Restart outlook, sent box should be created.
You can use,23383-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html
to extract mails or while in outlook before searching/renaming..export the emails you need.

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Oyster55--Corruption in OE message files (.dbx files) can sometimes be cured by Compacting.  See here
OE message files get flakey when they get too large.  The exact number cannot be determined precisely, but it is less than 2GB.
Oyster55Author Commented:
Hi, you guys got 1/2 the points each because you equally steered me in the right direction.

But the REAL solution had nothing to do with file corruption, and make total sense:

I could not delete any files because the 'Deleted Items' folder was maxed out at 2GB!

When I deleted the 'Deleted Items,dbx' file and re-started Outlook Express, I was then able to
delete files from any folder to my hearts content!

Thanks again.
Oyster55:--Thanks for telling us what you did.  
"OE message files get flakey when they get too large.  The exact number cannot be determined precisely, but it is less than 2GB."
And compacting is usually the better way to clear the deleted items.dbx file.  But if deleting it worked for you, that is good news.  
Contrary to how the items in the other .dbx files work, the items in the deleted items.dbx file actually remain, even when you think you have gotten rid of them.  Compacting is the way to delete those items.
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