Administrator logon does not have permission to shutdown the computer

hey guys,

i have a problem with a server i look after. im logged to the domain as administrator on a TS session of the server, and need to restart the server (2003 SBS). i have tried using the standard Start > Shutdown > Restart etc etc, as well as the Dos command "shutdown -r" hwoever, neither seem to do anything, or the error in the title comes up. however, if i then disconnecvt from the TS session, i cant connect again for a good 5 minutes, which indicates the server is restarting.

question is, why does this message appear, if it then restarts?
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what happens if you do a shutdown /f
for forceshutdown, any difference?

shutdown -r -f -m \\SERVERNAME

psexec \\<computername> -u <username> -p <password> shutdown.exe -r -t 0 -f

<computername> can be a name or IP address.

<username> and <password> may be required if you're not logged on to your local computer as an admin on your remote server.  You can specify a domain user in the form or -u <domainname>\<username>.

You can also try running the remote shutdown command via the remote computer's system account, by replacing "-u <username> -p <password>" with "-s".

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wait1Author Commented:
ooh, i didnt know about the /f  ...   i should have looked at the help file for it. i'll try it out and let you know. thanks for the quick reply
/f will force application running to shutdown witout information but it will not shut down the system. Your problem is because of permission issues to shutdown system. Check and correct it.
let me rephrase, shutdown /f /r
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