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Posted on 2009-05-26
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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have a Report with 2 sub reports attached to it , when i try to open the report from the form using the open report button i am asked to enter parameter value for "Date" whereas i dont have a date field anywhere in all of my 3 tables or in my 3 queries.....if i just press enter it shows me the report just fine

the main report is based on this query
SELECT * FROM tblcorp WHERE ((tblcorp.tradingaccno)=[Forms]![frmcorp]![tradingaccno]);
this shows me the current record in the report view

the other 2 subreports are based as follows
SELECT * FROM tblcorpcomm;
SELECT * FROM tblcorpsalesper;

Question by:samipk
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Things to check:
Group and Sorting dialog for left over 'Date' as a Grouping or Sorting field.

Any control on the report that may have 'date' as the control source - accidentally.

A conditional Formatting expression using Date ....

Make a back up copy of your report ... then start deleting controls ... until you find the offending control.

Also ... linking fields to the sub reports.

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Expert Comment

ID: 24480198
Run each query independently.  Are you still prompted for date?

Author Comment

ID: 24480307
@DatabaseMX: i just have order by on load set to yes and nothing else
all the record sources just point to the queries
i dont have any conditional formating
by controls you mean records or command buttons like add record etc? i have tried deleting record from all of the subforms but that didnt help...i also tried adding data but that didnt work either

@dqmq: no i am only prompted for the tradingacno in the main query i am not prompted for any date in any of the queries
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ID: 24480333
"by controls you mean records or command buttons like add record etc? i"
"all of the subforms"

You mean sub reports, right ???

Controls = text boxes on reports.

Somewhere on the report (or possibly in the query - but apparently not) ... the word Date is either a Control Source or part of some expression.


Author Comment

ID: 24480403
one more thing i figured out i have the following code attached to the record source of the main form

SELECT tblcorp.*, tblcorpsalesper.tradingaccno AS tradingaccno_tblcorpsalesper, tblcorpsalesper.changedate, tblcorpsalesper.oldsalesperson, tblcorpsalesper.newsalesperson, tblcorpsalesper.reasonforchange FROM tblcorp LEFT JOIN tblcorpsalesper ON tblcorp.tradingaccno=tblcorpsalesper.tradingaccno;

when i tried to change it to just  tblcorp it started to prompt me for Forms!frmcorp!tradingaccno as well although there is a value in that field
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Accepted Solution

DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP) earned 2000 total points
ID: 24480429
Not seeing a problem there. If it's prompting for 'date' ... then 'date' exists somewhere ... as I indicated above.

Can you convert to A2003 and upload ?

1) Compact & Repair (*** to shrink the size),

2) Zip up the MDB (*** to further shrink the size)

3) Attach the file for upload here (using the 'Attach File function below) ... removing any sensitive data of course.

4**** And please give a clear explanation of exactly how to reproduce the problem or what you are trying to do.

Author Comment

ID: 24480439
ok i found the culprit on a subreport one of the field(changedate) had its name accidently changed to Date that it why it was prompting me
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ID: 24480445

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