Meaning of this license type:

What is the meaning of 'retail bulk' here:

Can you see anything sub-standard about this product?
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dopyiiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The biggest drawback to academic licensing is that it can't be used as a qualifying product for an upgrade, unless that changes in the future. But then again, you may not care about an upgrade in the future.

Now as for business using academic licenses - that's very likely not true. ANY business with any legal sense at all will know that M$ will come down hard on businesses that violate licensing agreements. Businesses are M$'s primary market, so they take businesses seriously. Now, that doesn't mean that SOHOs don't use academic licenses, just that they shouldn't. The product itself is identical, though.

The seller is probably using an academic license agreement to get and (improperly) resell copies of Office. M$ often allows colleges and universities to sell academic versions of their products at highly discounted prices. Some businesses also enjoy that benefit (I got my copy for $20 US + $4 shipping from the M$ store).

However, you might look here:

If you have a valid .ac email address and are a registered student, then you can get a "real" copy (not just Office Standard, but Office Ultimate) for just 38.95 quid. Your link on ebay is for a UK version, so I assume that's the region you want. If you're here in the US, then it's a .edu. If you don't have the connection, then you might want to make a friend at a university...
Jon von der HeydenConnect With a Mentor Course Leader & Managing DirectorCommented:
I think a bulk license typically allows you to install the software on more than one computer.  I don't think bulk license products are typically allowed to be sold on, but perhaps Retail bulk licenses are.
Looking at the seller, he has a good rep and has made quite a few sales.  I doubt he's be selling unless he was allowed to.  But it's your call, it's a good price. :)
CEHJAuthor Commented:
This is what the seller says:

License with this is Academic.
To be used by Academics only in theory.
Pls be aware that many small business users will use academic rather than full retail license which is 3 x the cost.
once the software is loaded (2 computers license)
it is impossible to tell if academic or full retail.
it will also have all the functions of the full retail sware at 1/3 the price.
CEHJAuthor Commented:
Very useful info thanks
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