Initial Config - Dell Powerconnect 6248p

I have a Dell Powerconnect 6248p that I'm attempting to enable vlan tagging on. This switch will be used as a vlan client on a primarily cisco network.

Can anyone tell me how to access the management GUI for initial configuration? Also, any tips on enabling vlan tagging for this device would be helpful.

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ludo_friendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can speak from experience on other powerconnect models,
first step is you need to plug a serial cable into it and run a 9600 terminal session up to it to set an ip address up. you assign the ip address to the vlan, same (well, similar.....) as a cisco

 interface vlan 1
  ip address
 username admin password reallysecretpassword level 15
 ip default-gateway

that should get your gui up via http on
admin and reallysecretpassword  should let you in.

( desired switch ip address, network default gateway)
holidayinnexpressConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I find vlan configuration is easier to implement using the cli.  vlans should pass between the two with no issues.  The thing to remember is on a dell switch, you have to tell it what vlans to pass over a trunk, the default is only vlan 1.  Example cli commands are below for vlan configurations.

configure the vlan database
vlan dat
vlan xxx  (whatever vlans you want to use)

interface ethernet g1   (trunk to cisco for multiple vlans)
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan add xxx (what ever vlan you want to add, you can use "all" to add all)

removing a vlan from a trunk:
switchport trunk allowed vlan remove xxx

interace ethernet g24  (access port for pc on a specific vlan)
switchport mode access vlan xxx  (vlan you want the node in)

This config leaves vlan 1 as native, you can change that on the trunk port for the switch if you want, then you don't need to use access ports configurations.

If you are going to use trunking let me know, that config gets a little tricky, but it is doable.

Let me know if you need anything else. I have several 6200's deployed and well over a hundred powerconnects.

exp_exch1Author Commented:
We will be trunking from the core Cisco switch to this 6248.

exp_exch1Author Commented:
We currently have trunking enabled on the uplink port of the core cisco switch. When I attempt to run either of the trunking commands mentioned above (with or without trunking on core switch), the Dell switch stops passing traffic.

Essentially, I'm only trying to enable vlan tagging. We have 2 vlans on site - vlan10 (voice), vlan1 (untagged / everything else). It would be nice to pass traffic from either vlan on each port.

I've attached a config snippet for a working Cisco port. I've enabled "spanning-tree portfast" on each port. However, I'm still trying to translate "switchport voice vlan 10" to the Dell IOS. Any ideas?
interface GigabitEthernet0/23
 switchport voice vlan 10
 spanning-tree portfast

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exp_exch1Author Commented:
I have added "voice vlan 10" to all ports on the Dell, also.
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