missing dxlimporter.class and dxlexporter.class in notes.jar file of lotus notes 6.0 26 sept. 2002


i am able to create an agent using lotus script to import and export documents etc..

but at the same time i am not able to do the same thing with java agent.

i checked out that notes.jar file is used for java agent to work

and found these two files missing

dxlimporter.class and dxlexporter.class file

notes version i am using is

(lotus notes 6.0 26 sept. 2002)

is this a known bug in this version of lotus or i need to upgrade the notes.jar file ?

or do i need to modify my java agent code ?
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The same path is for DXLExporter.

Which version of Lotus?
I see you stated your version.
I provided you the code (other question) written on version 6.5.
davinder101Author Commented:

lotus note 6.0

Release 6.0 ( 26 sept. 2002 )

hi please see the attached file for version and notes.jar
not having dxlimporter.class and dxlexporter.class
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I can send you my Notes.jar?
Provide E-mail address...
davinder101Author Commented:
I sent you Notes.jar, but I'm afraid you'll have to upgrade your Lotus version...

I decompiled a few class files and came to the conclusion the Domino\DXLImporter is an interface class, Domino\Local\DXLImporter is implementing that interface but calls native methods:

 public void importDxl(Stream stream, Database database) throws NotesException {
        synchronized(this) {
            NimportDxl(stream, database);

private native void NimportDxl(Base base, Database database);

In which DLL is that located I don't know, but even if I knew I'm sure that we would stumble upon more dependencies...
I'm afraid upgrade is your only option...
davinder101Author Commented:

ok if i upgrade to version 6.1 or 6.5 will be having same problem or not ?

or lotus provide some patch for this problem ?
I can be sure about version 6.5, because I compiled the agent I've sent you inside that version...

What's new in version... section in designer help:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
From the Designer Help:

DxlImporter class

Represents the conversion of DXL (Domino XML) to Domino data.

Note  This class is new with Release 6.5.
davinder101Author Commented:
but why we are able to use lotus scripting with dxlimporter and dxlexporter ?

also in designer help dxlimporter and dxlexporter is mentioned with lotus 6.0

see the attached files.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
It correctly says NotesDxlImporter for LotusScript, and not DxlImporter for Java. Not supported in R6.0 and Java. Sorry.

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You could at least split, I decompiled class files, lay it all down for you and this is what I get...
(I'm not talking about other questions here, only this one).
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