Win 2003 x64 ESXi Network Drivers


I wonder if anybody can help? I have installed a copy of WIndows Server 2003 Standard x64 onto our ESXi server.

The host itself is a Dell Poweredge 2950 2xQuad Xeon with 8GB of RAM.
ESXi version is 3.5. It runs 5 other virtual machines happily. They are as follows:

2x WIndows NT 4.0 VMs
2x WIndows 2000 Server VMs
1x Windows 2003 Standard Edition x32

I have finished the x64 install and installed VMWare Tools. All other devices are functioning fine - just the network card is not recognised.

ANyone have any ideas? I don't have much experience with ESXi!

Thanks in advance,

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ollygdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've found a solution after all! See here:

Works just fine.

Thanks for your help anyway!
From device manager of the 2003 x64 server are there network cards listed?

could try deleting it and Scan for new hardware.

See vm community similar problem:
ollygdAuthor Commented:

Thanks for getting back to me. It is listed in device manager as "Ethernet Controller" albiet as the standard yellow question mark with the exclemation mark over the top.

If I uninstall the device and then scan for hardware changes it comes back and prompts for a driver - which does not seem to be available.

Ill try the method described in the link you provided.


vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I found this KB Article very useful.
Thank You, ollygd
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