Closest match in MySQL by few keywords

I have text field with some keywords in it (with fulltext index) and some rows... I want to ask mysql to give me the best 10 rows containing words closest to some keywords

Rows: 1: "googlee ggooogle google" 2: "googgle yahhoo msn" 3: "some other keywords"
I ask for best matches with "google yahoo" and mysql should give me only row 2.
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theGhost_k8Database ConsultantCommented:
check for sounds like or soundex functions
nrpg666Author Commented:
soundex doesn't work with cyrilic
Soundex is also optimized for names and may behave unexpected for general pattern matching.

Sorry, nothing you can do in MySQL.

You need to solve this problem programatically.
explode() the rows
make an array of search terms
loop through each row for a match
If you would use "int levenshtein ( string $str1 , string $str2 )" distance (at least in PHP as array007 assumes) then you can find the closest matches.
Other implementations for Java, C++, etc. are available when searching for

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