How can stream / merge two or more flv files using php ?

How can we stream multiple flv files in php?
I need stream/play multiple flv without any delay while playing these files.
If any other suggestion to play multiple flv without any delay are also welcomed.

My almost need is to play multiple flvs without any break/ delay, I have to play these files in swf player
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gokce_yalcinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to merge the movie before the play, which you cant do this with php on the fly without suffering performance. If you want this to be on-the-fly, use a stream daemon like flash media center or red5.

Also, you can use a flash player that supports playlists. For example, "flow player" can play files continuously without any delays. That's the most easy and popular method.
brickworkAuthor Commented:
Ya this is partially help full
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