Exchange server 2007 SP2 automatic installation with Microsoft Update?

Hi, I have two installations of Exchange 2007 server SP1  (one with role of Edge, and another with all others Exchange roles), I have in both system (windows 2003 SP2) microsoft update installed and configured with "automatic" updates installation config.
I read the exchange 2007 SP2 will be available in Q3 of 2009, the question is:
When the SP2 will be available, it will be installed automatically by Microsoft update on my systems without any manual confirmation?
Cause this is not a simple update, so I want to plan and install it manually after particoular backups and other operations.
Let me know, thanks
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange service packs have never been pushed out on automatic updates due to their size. You will need to install it manually.

The Exchange 2007 service packs are basically a reinstallation of the entire product, as you can install a fresh Exchange 2007 server from the service pack download. Hence the fact that they are not pushed down by automatic updates - it will be around 400mb in size.

Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
I dont think that SP 2 would be updates\installed Automatically.
So that would be mean that you would have to do manual work.
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