How do I add a reference to MS Office at runtime in a VB.NET application?

I have created a application with Visual Basic 2008 express which among other things allows the user to link to Outlook to send emails to addresses in a SQL Server database.
Some users have Office 2003 and some have Office 2007.

In a previous application a wrote in Microsoft Access I was able to add a reference the correct Outlook library at runtime by checking which Microsoft Office was installed. However seems to insist on have the references linked before compile.

Is there any way to overcome this?

(all outgoing email on these machines must go via the client's Outlook configuration and Exchange, it is not permissible to directly SMTP the emails)
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I had this problem a few years ago. The solution is to use late binding instead of early binding. With early binding you set a reference to your version of office within visual basic/ access when you are creating your application. With late binding you dont add any references and therefore it wont matter which version of office you are running it on.

The simple answer is to:

1)Remove your references to outlook/ office.
2)Next use this code to create your email

        Dim olApp, olMailMessage
        olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
        olMailMessage = olApp.CreateItem(0)
        With olMailMessage
            .To = ""
            .Subject = "Test"
            .Body = "Testing"
        End With
        olMailMessage = Nothing
        olApp = Nothing

You can also use .display instead of .send if you wish to preview your email first in outlook.

Hope this helps


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BOITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the prompt and accurate response Adam Barrett this works perfectly.
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