Batch/ADM Template to map network drives

Dear folks,

Short question - hope so...;

I've some uses which complain about problems with network drives when they're out of the office with their notebooks.
When they're out of the office and disconnects the mappings, everything works faster than before.

Today, we're going to map different letters with network pahts.
The batch file will at first delete all mappings and then establish them correctly.

1.) Which version do you prefer to map network drives?
- Batch-Files

2.) How I can prevent the users complain about the performance?
I've think about to enhance the batch file with a first query to check if they're in the business network (ping fileserver)
and then connect the letters to the network drives.

Do you prefer an other way to solve this?

thanks, regards
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bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
I would say mapping drives via a script is what you want. I suppose it's possible to do via ADM/registry, never really consiered it to be honest, but it's going to simpler to script it (this is a typical task carried out by login scripts). Apply the  script via group policy.

Actually you can control drive mappings by location using group policy as well without having to run a ping test in the script (if this timesout there'll be a hit on performance).

Will all users get the same mappings when logging on to the company network, or will different users get different mappings?
olmuAuthor Commented:
Hi bluntTony
All users will have the same mappings.
But I will setup a login script only for notebook users, so they will become an own login script.
No problem so far.

Can you give me an example how to perform a useful script which>
- only maps the network drive when they're in the internal network? (i.e. ping the fileserver, ...)
- when they're out of the network, no mapping should be tried

Can you explain me what you mean with>
Actually you can control drive mappings by location using group policy as well without having to run a ping test in the script (if this timesout there'll be a hit on performance).

What you mean with 'location using group policy' ? Where to identify?

thank you
bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
Sorry I may have slightly misunderstood.

Where are you storing the login script? For example, if it's in the NETLOGON share, then users not connected will not be able to run it anyway as they have no access to the share, so no mappings will be attempted.

What exactly is the problem your users are getting?
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olmuAuthor Commented:
They've some delay when they're working with excel or word, any delay in the explorer, ...
When they disconnect the login-scripts, it seems to work fine.

Ok, then i suggest, that i should create a logoff script which will disconnect the mappings.
At next logon internally, the drives would be connected successfully.
When they're out of the office, no mapping will be performed becuase no batch can be loaded.

Yes the batch files are stored on the netlogon share.

Important question
We use WinXP. Now ... batch files would not be locally cached? That's important to now for this procedure, else it will not work.

thank you
bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
No, in XP, logon scripts are not cached. If the network is not available then a logon script will not run.

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olmuAuthor Commented:
ok, done, thx for your informations
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