Software to create flash (swf) flip books from PDF

Ive been trying to find a good program to create flash flip books from PDF-files.

I would prefer if it was a software that you buy and not a service where you pay for each PDF.
Ive been trying the trial version of, and I am not satisified. I want to be able
to remove any gui that is not the book. And page-flip only seem to allow a certain level of customisation.  I would also be nice to not have any restrictions on how many sites you can publish the finnished product (the swf file), as these will be created on request from clients.
Also support for macintosh would be very good.

Can anyone with exerience in these products recommend one for me?
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Tony van SchaikConnect With a Mentor Front-end Web developerCommented:
We have used FlashPageFlip for a customer and built an webbased GUI for this. We just used the XML version, but one of our .Net developers built a custom functionality with a rasterizer plugin that creates jpegs of the PDF. And it works great. A customer uploads a brochure or flyer to our webapplications and the PDF is rasterized and the jpegs are created and adds a new database record and it's live in a couple of minutes, we made it also possible to regenerate the images if the PDF changes.
Maybe you can try the Flash component of or the Joomla edition if you are using it. I also think this can be done with Papervision3d or just with Flash CS4.
Good luck.
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