There is a problem with this website's security certificate; This organization's certificate has been revoked

I am trying to access a web site from a windows xp computer and a vista computer.  It works on my xp computer but does NOT from my vista.  I get the error:

There is a problem with this website's security certificate
This organization's certificate has been revoked
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It may be that your XP computer is not checking for certificate revokation.  (For Internet Explorer you can look under the Advanced tab of Internet Options in the Tools menu)

Do you know if the certificate in question has been revoked?

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tucktechAuthor Commented:
Thank you!

I checked the system that did NOT work and it does check for certificate revokation.  I turned it off and I can get to the web site.

I checked the system that did get to the web site and it had it turned off already.

 Could you explain, why would I want revokation on?
tucktechAuthor Commented:
Thanks lamaslany!
If a certificate is compromised it can no longer be trusted to secure traffic.  If you do not check revocation it will not check to see whether it is still valid (and thus secure).

You should always check for certificate revocation.  

Note: Some certificate authorities, although none of the decent one's, do not publish the certificate revocation lists.  Most commonly you would encounter this kind of problem with self signed certificates.
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