IE8 Apache Authentication problem


I am facing a new problem with IE8 - there's a different behavior between IE8 and IE7.
Our product is actually a standard web application using Java and Apache Tomcat 4.
Our login authentication problem is quite standard comparing between users' input and stored credentials in MySQL DB.
When I open the first IE8 window and connecting to my application I get the desired login screen for authentication. Upon successful authentication I have access to the application.
Now, the problem starts when I want to open a second window and login to the application with a different user. This, in IE8 can't be done, instead of getting the login page, the Apache already consider me as authenticated with the user that is logged in in the other window.
I saw that for some reason Apache's authenticated principal of the first window is associated with the second one and thus preventing from me the ability to work with 2 different users. A capability that is very well possible with IE7 and IE6.

Does anyone of you know what is the difference in IE8 and if there's a solution?

Thanks a lot,
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Gibu GeorgeChief Technology OfficerCommented:
In the case of IE8 each window is a part of the same task, and are  multiple processes or threads of the same window. similar to chrome,  where are as IE7 is a single threaded browser, but if you open another window in IE 7 it is a diffeernt task and hence can have multiple sessions of the same application. This has nothing to do with the application.

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Gibu GeorgeChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Simply click the New Session item on the File menu, and a new browser window will open.  The new browser window will not share session cookies with the original browser window, so you can log into Hotmail (and most web applications) as a different user.
mercadoswAuthor Commented:
Hey Gibu,

Thanks for your help - really helpful.
I wasn't aware to that difference in IE8 and Chrome - thank you for enlighting me.
I also wanted to know if there's a way to change the default behavior of IE8 to open a new session everytime a new window is opened.
It looks a bit strange to me as this is not entirely backwards compatible with IE7 and IE6 - people are used to a different kind of behavior when they open a new window.

There is a way to severate the session by default. If you run the iexplore process withe parameters : -nomerge parameter

You can check :
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