Synch Local DB with Remote Database Table-MySQL


I found this bit of code in perl and it seems to simply run a mysqldump command line:

mysqldump -al -h remote.mysql.server --password=remote_pass --add-drop-table database_name $table \
 | mysql --password=local_pass database_name

My questions are:

1) If I run this command with the parameter will this allow me to synch my local database to the remote one?

2) There is a backslash (\) within this command line. Is this supposed to be in the execution? I'm thinking it should be without the backslash as so:

mysqldump -al -h remote.mysql.server --password=remote_pass --add-drop-table database_name $table | mysql --password=local_pass database_name

3) I'm assuming that pipeline (|) is needed to separate the commands but then I'm not certain.

Any help is appreciated. =)


# This'll sync a table *from* a remote MySQL server.
# Assumes you have mysqldump and mysql on your path
# and that you have remote access to the server.
# local_pass is your local password
# database_name is your database name
# remote_pass is the production server password
# database_name is the database name (shockingly enough).
# remote.mysql.server is the remote server
my $table=shift;
`mysqldump -al -h remote.mysql.server --password=remote_pass --add-drop-table database_name $table \
 | mysql --password=local_pass database_name`;

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the backslash is there for line continuation, it was a muli-line command, so you are correct, you can concat the lines and skip the \
The | is there to pipe the dump output stream from mysqldump to mysql

In general for a command: proga | progb

proga output is read in for probg's input

mysqldump creates an output format that can be fed into mysql to re-create things

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Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi mrjoltcola,

Thanks for the info.

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