How to Design Backup/DR Solution

I am a new Backup Exec admin and I have a few questions.  We are using 12.5 here.  We are a small shop and we aren't backing up much (under 200GB).  I currently have all of the user data and shared folders setup on my Win2003 server and I am backing up to a Terastation 1.0 GB NAS using BackupForAll software.

We are not using Backup Exec just yet because I have a new Linkstation 3.0 GB NAS that I want to migrate all of the data to so it can be centralized since the server is running out of space.  

Can I use Backup Exec to backup from the Linkstation to the Terastation?  (Backup-to-Disc feature comes to mind)

I want to do this because I want to create a full backup on the Terastation and then move it off site for DR.  I was thinking of doing a full backup first onto the Terastation then doing the incrementals across the WAN to the DR site. We have a 20Mb pipe on this end and 50Mb at the DR site

Any suggestions or caveats?

Also, what would be the best recovery solution at the DR site? A passive Backup Exec server?
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Where is the primary version of the data going to be held on the server or the new Linkstation?
I'm not really sure what you want to achieve. How many replicas of your data do you want?

Do you need to backup the data at the DR site? Is there a need? By copying the data to the DR site you are protecting it already as it's off site. If your DR site was to burn to the ground you would still have your primary site.

Modog70Author Commented:
The primary data will be on the Linkstation.  I only want one replica of the data.  I would like to backup to the DR site in case the primary burns to the ground.  I would like to know what are the necessary steps in Backup Exec to achieve this between the two NAS'  This is a new solution and I don't have the DR setup just yet.  I was going to do a full backup onto the Terastation then move it to the DR site when I set it up.
That way I only need to backup small amounts of changing data to the DR site across the WAN.
How long do you want to retain an archive or your data? Weekly, monthly, yearly? If you just want a flat backup everyday that copies incremental changes then you could just copy incremental changes from the Linkstation to the Terrastation using something like robocopy or NT backup. You would not need to use backupexec. You could still use it though and set your backup selections to the UNC patch of the Linkstation and use Backup-to-disk-folder and point it at the Terrastation.

Does your Linkstation support UNC paths? \\LINKSTATION\Share etc.

If you want to protect the data at the DR against fire damage then the data needs to leave the building. This brings you back to either some form of tape or external harddrive etc. What is your arrangement with your DR site staff. Are they happy to swap tapes over for you or are they Eyes and Ears only?

If your DR site is anything like ours they just ensure that power is supplied to the items in our rack and we have to do everything else.

You will be far better using some form of tape backup at your primary site and then take the tapes home with you so you retain 3 copies of your data, One at your Primary, one at the DR site and one at the location of the tapes.

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Modog70Author Commented:
I would like to leverage what I have here.  I don't have a tape system only the two NAS'.  I am perfectly comfortable having the data replicated to our other office.  The DR site is merely another satellite office with some rack space.  I would like to have at least a month archived at the satellite office.  The device at the satellite office (i wont call it DR anymore since it isn't a "true" DR site) will be the Terastation.  My real question is how this can be accomplished using Backup Exec (we got this software pretty cheap since we are a non profit so I would like to use it). I am going to assume the Linkstation supports UNC paths since I am already using it for SMB shares. I will take the advice of using the backup-to -disc folder options.  Is this all that is necessary in Backup Exec?
Basically yes Modog,

Have you ever run BackupExec on the server before? If not it will ask to to do a few things when you first install it. It's called the "Getting Started wizard". The first is to create a logon account. This is the account that will be used to connect to the Linkstation, It will then ask you to configure devices, this is where the backup data will go (Terrastation) and lastly it will ask you to create a media set.

When you create the Backup-to-disk-folder it will ask if you want to use the maximum size when creating the backup-to-disk-files, in your case I'd select yes. All this means is if your Terrastation is say 1TB it will use all of it's 1TB as backup space. Then select a size limit for each backup-to-disk-file. If you set each backup-to-disk-file as 300GB a file that size will be created for the data to be placed into. Follow the rest of the wizard and.

Once these have been done you need to create the selection lists within BackupExec and point it to the Linkstation, it's up to you if you want to create a policy or just create a simple job. The policies allow you to be more granular with your backup strategy.

Create the job, select the selection list and the device it will backup to and test it.


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Modog70Author Commented:
Thanks again Darren. I will try that.
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