Looking for reporting / audit software to take snapshots and report user directory size

I am trying to decrease the size of each users' home directory as storage is getting low and my daily backup LTO III tape is also getting full.

I am looking for software, or maybe even a way in Windows 2003 to get each users' mapped home directory size, what file types are taking up space, aging of files etc.  A bonus would be admin notification about non authorized files such as mp3's.  I would like to have reporting capabilities as well.

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If you have access to the network area on your file server where the users directories are stored you could use a program like JdiskReport - http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/jdiskreport/. Its a freeware program that gives you a breakdown of size distribution between folders and the most common filetype for a folder (should pick up which users are filling up there area with mp3s). You would run this on the server that holds your users home directories.

You might have to be careful of the legal implications of scanning and looking at the contents of users personal files.

Hope this helps


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