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I am trying to get a handle on VMWare product lines.  This is an area that I think would really help our company, but unfortunately we don't have a budget to spend on thousands of dollars in training.  I have looked at their website to see what they have for free and have attended several webinars.  What I really need is a VMWare 101 tutorial.  Does anyone know of or have written a beginners manual for this?
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simsjrgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For their free products you are looking at the following:

VMware Server: http://vmware.com/products/server/
This is required to run to top an an existing OS (Linux or Windows)

VMware EXSi: http://vmware.com/products/esxi/
This is a hypervisior and is OS indenendent. This is installed on top of the hardware and managed via a web-based console.

These are two pretty solid yet bare products. They allow you to break in to virtualization without breaking the bank on ther Enterprise Class product. Not to say you can't fun these in your shop. Many do and have no problems they just lack the bells and whistles you can use with VMware ESX.

As far as using the products they are just like all other virtualization platforms in that you build the VM (Select # of Processors, Amount of Ram, Drive Space and a few other options (can get pretty involved if you need to). You then can either set the CD-rom to use the physical drive of the server or you can point it to an ISO file to install your OS on the VM. At this point it really no different then any physical server in terms on setup and configuration.
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Also, nothing beats reading the product documentation. It is quite exhaustive (and daunting) but it gives you a very detailed overview on the entire product set so that even if you don't use/need everything at the outset, you know what you can achieve with it when the funds become available.
VI3 documentation
vSphere Documentation.
I'm going through the vSphere Documentation currently ... this one is quite good
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I found this CBT very useful for beginners -
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