how do you stop users seeing/listing each others session client printers in windows terminal server 2000

how do you stop users seeing/listing each others session client printers in windows terminal server 2000. I know you can use security to prevent most users from seeing some printers etc but I only want the user to see thier own specific mapped printers in their own session.

this is using windows terminal server 2000 on a win2k3 network
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hercnemesisAuthor Commented:
thankyou, i have read/ tried this but if you have for example, 8 users in the same group and use this group to allow access and prevent all others, then all 8 users can see each others session printers so not sure how to stop this.
Are these printers the local printer for each person (eg usb connection to the client) or are they network printers.

If they are local printers, then only the administrator should be able to see all of them. Each person should be only able to see his own.

If they are network printers, then you can set the security on each printer, to only allow each to be used. If a user does not have security to use the printer they should not be able to see the printer. That is if a user has permission to use a network printer the printer will be visible.
hercnemesisAuthor Commented:
They are network printers local to the user. I tested using security but the users within the group could still see each others session printers.

eg if 8 users are in the same security group then those 8 users see each others session printers, eg they see the printers list

I have only tested using 2 users  so i will spend some time next week to fully test/setup and see if i can make it work.

thanks for the advice so far..

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