HP4100TN - cannot access trays 3 & 4 when printing from Word XP & Vista

Hi Experts
We are cannot print to trays 3 & 4 of a networked HP4100TN from Word XP on a Vista machine.  
We have tried various printer drivers including the Vista supplied one (4100 PCL6) and the HP Universal driver (PCL5).
The trays are installed in the printer driver and they are available (via the Device Settings tab of the driver).
There is no problem accessing these trays on the same printer when printing from Word XP on non-Vista machines.
Has anyone experience of this problem or any idea of what else to try?
Thank you in advance for any help.
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just to make sure, if you have set a tray to be used in the document itself, the default tray setting in the driver will be ignored.


what's the effect on of this when printing either on the pc or on the device? Does the device simply take paper from another tray or does it stop and say to insert paper in tray 3 or 4. Does the printjob get stuck in the queue or go through but not print at all?
MonteDelMarAuthor Commented:
The document is set to print to tray 3 or 4 (via File, Page Setup).

The printer always pulls the paper from tray 2.

there might be several scenarios for this:

- its simply a driver bug in vista/office2003 constellation.

-> make a new document just with the word test. set it to tray 3 in page setup, use the universal print driver PCL5, print it to a file (will save as *.prn). rename it to .txt and attached it here, I will have a look at the generated PCL5 codes. Please use the latest version 4.7 from hp.com/go/upd

-> try working with paper types - on the device set tray 4 to be for example "letterhead" and then in word page setup in the tray selection choose letterhead as well (just for testing if that works).

-> try if it does work from notepad? Hit start/run/notepad and try again, let me know if it works.

-> try the postscript driver for the 4350

-> the format of paper size does not match tray 3 and 4 and the printer is configured to automatically switch to another tray without intervention (this is a config option). Verify paper tray settings

just for info:
- the way MS word works on this is when you select a tray or paper type in page setup. Word will query the currently selected printer driver for its tray code and save it with the document. This tray code is in the driver and has nothing to do with pcl or postscript code, its a separate code actually. The unfortunate thing is that those tray codes are different with each driver and/or printer model. So if you open a document and then change the driver, the trays might actually switch back to default if the tray codes saved with the document do not match those from the driver. Thus creating a template with one printer model and then using it for another printer model with another driver will in most cases not work. Unless you use the universal print driver for all of your printers, then it's the same driver with same driver tray codes for all :)

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MonteDelMarAuthor Commented:
Hi CyberLex - Thank you.  I will get those things done and get back to you with the answers.
MonteDelMarAuthor Commented:
Hi - just a quick update to say I have not abandoned this question.  I have asked the people on site to do this for me but so far not had a response.  I will update this again shortly.  
MonteDelMarAuthor Commented:
I have decided to close this question as the site has not got back to me with a response.  I suspect they have downgraded the PCs in question to XP as that is what they are running elsewhere.  Sorry not to be able to provide a clear answer & thanks for all help & suggestions.

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